Bradley Green with the old uns may 1st

Post anything regarding this venue in here or just to say how your day went

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larry Teepot
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Bradley Green with the old uns may 1st

Postby larry Teepot » Thu May 01, 2014 10:41 pm

It was my 2nd trip to this pool,and already i have decided its a bit special.Today it was won with over 90lb and as far as i know everyone caught fish (20 anglers) I had 77lb ish 10 paste fish went 49lb 10 pellet fish 27lb. I fished river bank side one past the island and never went past 5 meters its unbelievable how close this fish come in.Not sure what the total weight caught was but bet that would surprise me to.This venue alone has to be worth the membership fee..... :D :D
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Postby hurricane » Fri May 02, 2014 12:02 pm

Couldn"t agree more Pete,I liken it to a commie with no downside.
I would call five metres long range :) but it"s a bit different under match conditions.
If you were charged ten quid for a day ticket,it would still be a good buy,but it"s a little over a pound a WEEK and youve got all the other venues as well.
I think its one of the best VFM clubs in the country.
Well done on a good weight Pete. 8)
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