Astwood Bank Angling Club
The annual subscription must be paid before any member is allowed to fish a contest.
Competitors shall play and land his or her own fish during a contest. All fish and eels can be weighed in except trout or salmon.
Competitors may wet groundbait, position keepnet, plumb the depth, shot floats and run them through the swim prior to the starting whistle.  Competitors are allowed to position themselves one metre either side of their peg. No tackle or bait is to be thrown upstream of their peg.
Competitors may have more than one rod set up but may only use one rod, one line and one hook at any given time. Barbless hooks only to be used on club pools.
Only baits permitted at a venue can be used. Fishing with live  or dead fish as bait is not allowed. Spinning or plug baits are not allowed.
Competitors must fish from whistle to whistle and must not distract fellow anglers during the contest.
No litter to be left at peg after a contest.
Members who put their names down to fish a contest and who do not attend will be responsible for paying any peg fee due, before fishing the next contest.
All protest must be lodged with the match manager within 30 minutes of the end of the contest. His/her decision shall be final.
All other rules conform to Angling Trust Rules rules. All rules will be strictly adhered to.
Silver fish must be kept in a separate net to carp.  No more than 70lbs of fish are allowed in any one net and the fish must not be retained for more than 5 hours.
Points awarded for for not attending will equal the number of aggrgate anglers in attendance on the day of the match plus 2 extra points.

A DNW will be awarded points equal to the number of aggregate anglers fishing on the day.

Match fees are £10.00 plus an optional £1.00 guess the winning weight( half paid out on the day).

The £10.00 will be divided as follows.

£5.00 paid out on the day.

£1.00 goden peg paid on the day if winning peg is drawn out.Golden peg fund is capped at £50.00,so more than one can be running at the same time.Golden peg funds will NOT be carried over to the next year if not won and will be added to the prize fund.

£4.50 going into prize fund to purchase Fur&Feather prizes,to top up aggregate prize fund and pay for any peg fee on non-club venues.

All anglers signing on for the aggregate series will be issued a copy of the rules.

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